Short story published – The Lambert House

The Lambert House by J.J. HagwellTerrence Broker is the president of the Ghost Hunting Agency, a small organization that investigates the Great Beyond.

Terrence is also a skeptic.

When he receives a newspaper clipping in the mail, Terrence calls his good friend Karla, a writer of paranormal books, and together they head out to investigate the Lambert House.

A story of friendship and strange occurrences.

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Short story published – Girls and Criminals

Girls and Criminals by J.J. HagwellThe city can be a dangerous place to walk at night, dark corner and dark alleys. Not to mention the subway.

Nadia and Chrissy, coming home from a girl’s night out, get attacked by a band of street criminals while waiting for the subway, the outcome which has more ramifications than either of them thought possible.

The tale of two women who fought back and didn’t give in to intimidation.

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Short story published – Whispering Spirits

Whispering Spirits by J.J. HagwellSome men have a track record of not listening to their wife, especially when it comes to the road they should take while driving.

Liza has run out of ‘I told you so’ but when they emerge from a dirt road and the sign indicates a town that isn’t on their map, Samuel manages to convince his wife that a small detour will be beneficial to them both.

What secrets lie in the forgotten small town?

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Short story published – The Growing Time

The Growing Time by J.J. HagwellTime is something quite human, but what happens when that perception is skewed by something we all experience on a daily basis?

Suzy is often late to work and nobody cares except for her manager. When she spends an entire day sleeping, and misses a full day of work, that manager delights in reprimanding her. But this is just the beginning of her troubles.

How much sleep is too much sleep?

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